The Harsh Reality Behind Deaths in Nanded Government Hospital

Deaths in hospital

Nanded, India – [03 Oct. 2023]

In a distressing development, a surge in deaths has gripped Nanded Government Hospital, shedding light on the precarious state of healthcare in the region. Over the past several weeks, a notable increase in patient deaths within the hospital has left the community in mourning and ignited questions about the quality of medical services provided. Let’s see the harsh reality.

Patient Load And Huge Geographical Area For Single Govt Hospital (Atleast 3 Major Districts) And Deaths

Nanded Govt hospital (SCGMC), is the only major govt hospital providing and sustaning huge patient load not only from nanded district, but also from nebour districts like Hingoli, parbhani, Yavatmal and washim. These districts have very poor medical healthcare infrastructure and govt hospitals from these hospitals are just for showcase and nothing else. Nanded govt hospital bears all the patient load from these districts and still stands and keep on providing medical and health survices to the poor people.

Lack Of Basic Services Like CT Scan, MRI And Cath Lab Leading To Deaths

Majority of patient come here in hope of getting a MRI done, but unfortunately this basic facility is not available here in 2023. Most of the patient presenting to Emergency Department (Casualty) many times require interventions like Coronary Angioplasty for patients diagnosed with heart attack (Myocardial Infarction), but reality is often disappointing for them just because of non availability of cath labs and cardiothorasic units here and superspecialies like DM cardiology And Mch Neurosurgery for Head trauma patients. Many patients succumbs to deaths due to this.

Lazy And Disobedient Staff And WardBoys

The most non tolerable thing in this hospital is the unwilling tendency of nurses, staff and wardboys(Mama and mavshi) to do the basic work they are supposed to do and why they are primarily there. Many times these mama and mavshi takes briebs in form of cash(money) just to do their work. Sadly, many poor people who can’t afford to go to private hospital accepts these monsters and keeps their mouth shut. Very few nurse do their jobs in good way.

Overburdened Resident Doctors

Another harsh reality in these govt hospitals is that there are very few resident doctors available for such a huge patient load. Resident doctors are the ones who are doing their post graduation in this hospital after completing their MBBS degrees (MD And MS). These are the only doctors available to patients 24×7 throughout the year. They hardly get 3-4 hours of sleep and many times they even don’t get that much. Govt must hire more doctors so that these resident doctors must not get too overburded by workload they are facing currently. All other human beings who work in hospital have to do only 8 to 10 hours of work daily.

Lack Of Health Awareness In These Region

Lack of health awareness in Nanded district, like in many rural areas, can be attributed to limited access to healthcare information, inadequate healthcare infrastructure, and low health literacy among the population. This often results in delayed or insufficient medical care, contributing to preventable health issues and higher disease prevalence. Addressing this issue requires targeted health education programs, improved healthcare facilities, and community engagement to raise awareness and promote better health practices.

The Nanded Government Hospital, which serves as a critical healthcare institution for the city and surrounding areas, has come under intense scrutiny following the unfortunate rise in patient fatalities. Families of those who have lost their loved ones are seeking answers, accountability, and urgent intervention to prevent further tragedies.

As the investigation unfolds, families mourning their loved ones and the community at large eagerly await answers and meaningful reforms. The situation in Nanded Government Hospital serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need to bolster India’s healthcare system, especially in the wake of the ongoing pandemic, to prevent such tragic incidents from happening again.

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