What is diabetic ketoacidosis and why it is so common in diabetic patients?

Diabetic ketoacidosis is a condition of uncontrolled sugar levels in patient suffering from diabetes mellitus with urine ketones positive (Trace to 4+). It’s because in absence of insulin, our body fails to control blood sugar levels. This causes high sugar levels and even in presence of such high sugar levels, our body can’t use sugar and fails to produce enough energy which is required for body activities. In order to make energy, body cells keep on producing another energy source, such as ketone bodies. These ketone bodies then are excreted in urine.

diabetes Insulin

What Causes Diabetic ketoacidosis

skipping insulin In Diabetes

Many people living with diabetes tends to skip prescribed doses of insulin, obviously one get’s tired of taking meds everyday, but this can result in a very serious and life threatening complication, Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). Although, not taking insulin is a major cause of DKA, other oral medicines for diabetes if not taken properly in doses and regularity can result in DKA.


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